Product No : FF-220NIII
  • Multi-function packaging solution, apply to various filling system
  • Apply to various solid, liquid, powder product or solid and liquid mixture product.
  • Apply to various bag material and bag style.
  • OMRON PLC control, easy setting / control / adjustment
  • Firm sealing
  • Solid product : snack, rice cracker, chips, sugar, tea, salt, candy, nut, chewing gum, bean, chicken nugget, fowl stewed, saugage, pet food,….etc.
  • Liquid product : sauce, gravy, soup, spaghetti sauce, essence of chicken, chicken broth,….etc.
  • Solid & liquid mixture product : prepared food, frozen food, Kantoni, Lappa, Agar, Pickled Vegetables,….etc.
  • Various powder product
  • Productivity increasing
  • Well performance to meet the sanitary standards.
  • Product protection to decrease the environmental influences as microorganisms and humidity,…...etc
Dimension (L) 1836mm (W) 1818mm (H) 1418mm
Bag Size (W)80-230mm (L)100-350mm
Bag Style Flat Bag, Stand Bag, Gusset Bag, Zipper Bag, Spout Bag
Bag Material Laminated Bag, Aluminum Foil Bag
Capacity 10-50 bags/min.
( subject to product property, weight & filling speed )
Power 3Ø、220V/380V、50/60Hz、2.5kw
Integrated Device Liquid : Water Pump/MONO Pump/Rotary Pump Solid : Weighing System Powder : Auger Filler
Machine Weight 1300kg