Product Name : Mini Single Chamber Type Vacuum Sealer


Product Character


  • Fully stainless steel construction - long durability and great hygiene
  • Obtained Europe CE certificate
  • Greatefficient Germany Busch oil type vacuum pump
  • Wieldy microcomputer control panel
  • Standard 10 programs setting
  • Double vacuum chambers for alternative operation
  • Firm multilineal sealing
  • Foods as fresh meat, seafood, sausage, ham, poultry products, fruit, vegetables, Grain, bean, bean paste, powder, spices and prepared foods,….etc.
  • Technical, hardware, electronic and medicinal product.
  • Extend maximum storage period of product shelf life
  • Keep product freshness and flavor
  • Product protection to prevent the environmental influences as microorganisms and humidity,…...etc
Dimension (L)520 x (W)480 x (H)930mm
Sealing Bar Length 400mm x 1 pc
Distance from Sealing Bar to Wall 320mm
Chamber Height 180mm
Vacuum Pump Busch 1HP ( capacity : 24m3/h )
Power 1Ø、220V、50/60Hz、1kw
Machine Net Weight 75kg/set